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702 Monday Motivation with Wasaga Mehana: How to deal with perceived failure and not caring what people think of you:

SA FM SOUND AWAKE 24 SEPTEMBER 2018: Talking health and wellness and Finding your purpose and how to keep going when you feel stuck

POWER FM OCTOBER 22 2018 : Work Place Dynamics: What to do when your job "Cat fishes" you and it is not what you expected. The conversation lead up to how employees should manage a situation where their job is not what they expected it to be.

PODCAST INTERVIEW BY JUANITA FROM TROVE WELLNESS: I was invited for a podcast interview by Juanita from Trove Wellness whereby we spoke about how to protect your energy especially when it comes to social media along with the importance of setting boundaries, give it a listen..

Radio 2000 The round table discussion: Healing from a traumatic experience with Tsheko Standing in for Carol


Newz Room Afrika Pros and Cons of working from home:

ENCA How can you reassess your life and revitalise your energy:

Panel Speaker Inspire the next movement : Don’t compromise on your value, change your positioning video

Mentorship: How to own your journey and tell your story::

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