Full Breakthrough Experience

9 Hours of coaching, to help you heal your past, release negative emotions and let go of limiting beliefs and patterns and help you build the life, career, and relationships that you want.



A Break Through Session experience is one that is a 5 stage (9 Hours) experience crafted to help you work through any mild traumas, mild depression, grief and anxiety. In a break through session you are guided by the coach to assist you in healing and letting go of negative emotions caused by mild trauma’s so that you can have equilibrium. Essentially it is about working on your inside world so that you can change your life on the outside. A lot of us find ourselves living out patterns and not knowing why, or struggling to achieve the level of success we want in our relationships, careers and finances in a break through session we work on this and then help you navigate forward through tasking and goal setting strategies used internationally. The coaching techniques in our toolbox are those derived from NLP ( neurolinguistics programming) and have assisted people in healing and crafting their journey all over the world.

Stage 1 :Root cause evaluation and tasking – 2 hours
Stage 2: Deleting negative emotions and negative beliefs ( anger, hurt, fear, resentment, sadness and healing the trauma. -2 hours
Stage 3:Stage 3: Equilibrium, eliciting values and creating wholeness from within ( assists with purpose alignment and resolves inner conflict) 2 hours
Stage 4:Stage 4: Goal setting , life engineering and tasking – 2 hours
Stage 5: Follow up session and circle of excellence 1 Hour