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What if you could heal your past? What if you knew your purpose? What if you could create the life and relationships that you want? Living consciously invites you to live your “what if”? The book takes readers through a series of teachings that encourages them to actively work through the beliefs about self and patterns that do not serve them, the book is essentially about questioning things and encourages the reader to use the power that they have to change destructive mindsets so that they can create a new life for themselves.

This is done through parts where the reader has to take in information on the concepts introduced in each chapter and the author makes the concepts easier to take in through breaking them down and using relatable stories so that the reader can identify with the teaching in their own lives.

Each chapter of the book comes with affirmations that serve in cementing the work and soul shifting and paradigm-changing concepts into one’s consciousness, so even if the reader simply read the declarations their perception of life and themselves would begin to change. For the practical part of helping people create the life that they want, the book has exercises at the end of some chapters in order to assist the reader in taking the first steps in understanding what needs to be changed and how they can create change in their lives, it is one thing to read a book and feel inspired but living consciously does more than that & through the exercises, it equips the reader with steps and tools that they can use to practically implement change in their lives.

The author Yvette Ratshikhopha who is an NLP practitioner life coach, self-leadership coach, and entrepreneur who through her workshops, private sessions and social media has helped 1000’s of people to change their self-awareness and to heal from trauma such as childhood rejection, grief, self-sabotage, perceptions about self that do not serve them and those that they care for leading those who she works to have better self-confidence, careers, better relationships with others, better relationships with their finances and most importantly a better relationship with themselves.

This book is aimed at anyone who wants more for themselves but doesn’t know where to start or is yearning for change or growth in certain areas of their lives that they cannot articulate, this book is for the person that doesn’t want to repeat their parent’s mistakes and it is for the adult who hasn’t healed their past, it is for those who want to take their power back and own their reality, it is for those who are not afraid to ask the questions needed to create change in their lives and reach their goals, it is for those who are willing to do the inner work so that they can see results in their external reality, it is for those who are ready to live consciously.

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